Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is.

You should apply at the Audio Visual Section of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology to apply a shooting permit.

You are recommended to hire a local coordinator or a production company for help as you will have to go through different procedures before and after filming permit is granted. They will help you with local permissions as well as contact local authorities and people when needed.

Local production company or trekking agency can be hired as a local coordinator.

Companies interested to shoot TV commercials, documentaries, music film, TV programs, feature films, mini-series, web series or TV series should apply for a filming permit in Nepal. These films should not contain any unfavorable message about Nepal and its people.

Following documents are needed:
  1. a. A cover letter undersigned by the local coordinator, specifying the purpose of applying for a shooting permit.
  2. b. A letter by the production company that confirms appointment of the local coordinator.
  3. c. An application form in the format prescribed by the ministry.
  4. d. Synopsis of the story
  5. e. Name-list, passport numbers, positions and arrival dates of all foreign film crews.
  6. f. List of equipment with price
  7. g. A schedule of filming in Nepal specifying exact dates and locations (for all types of productions).
  8. h. Shooting permission issued by shooting studios/locations by concerned local body

For feature films, TV series, docu-dramas or any fictional stories, allow no less than 14 working days for the Ministry of Information and Communications to consider the script. Approval for other films will come in two working days.

The Ministry will inform you why your application has not been approved, specifying the reasons. You can reapply after making changes to the script as pointed out by the ministry.

No. But a postal stamp costing Rs 50 should be affixed in the application form.

Yes, there are. Once you are granted a shooting permit, the ministry will assign a liaison officer to accompany the crew in all shooting locations. A per diem for the liaison officer is fixed according to the motion picture rules and has to be covered by the filmmaker. All transport, accommodation and meal expenses of the officer also need to be covered by the company.

The duty of the liaison officer is to ensure that the filming company is following the script approved by the ministry. In case any changes in the script is needed, liaison officer will advise you whether it is possible.

Tourist visa

No, they don’t.

By producing a cash/bank guarantee equivalent to the price of the equipment issued by Nepali banks along with the application letter.
How we work

What we do

Production Service

Rara Films is a full-service production company based in Nepal. We provide pre-production, production and post-production services in Nepal. We have state of the art equipment and a pool of talents that meet the highest international standards in filmmaking. We have worked as line producer for leading international organizations in geographically difficult places like the Everest region.

TV Commercials

We have a separate team for production of TV commercials. Just provide information about your brands and target audience, we will come up with attractive concepts for your TVC so that you can market your products and services in the best possible way. We bring life to your vision with unparalleled quality, creativity and transparent budgeting.

Corporate Profile

Rara Films has been producing profile of different associations, agencies and corporate houses as well as individuals. Our team of experienced writers conduct a thorough research to prepare script for corporate profiles. We make sure that the profile produced by us reflects the essence and ethos of the institutions and individuals on whom the profile is made.

Documentary Films

Documentary is at the core of our activity. Rara Films is working on two documentaries are present – Mission Saipal and The Other World Cup – while few more are in scripting stage. We have partnered with number of international filmmakers on documentaries. Our focus is always on unreported stories and our documentaries tell the story not read anywhere else in the world.